MARIO ARGIRO’S earliest observations of style arguably took place in his years as a teenager in southern Italy, where he watched his father skillfully craft a complete suit, shirt, and overcoat from a single piece of fabric for his journey to America. The variety of colors, patterns, and shapes that have danced across Mario’s senses over the years now clearly inform the passion and respect he has for the art of clothing. The love of fashion took him from Italy to New York City, where his legendary Upper East Side boutique, Dickens, captured the essence of sixties and seventies style. In Fort Lauderdale his flagship store, Moda Mario, has stood as a testament to his expert sensibility since 1975.

Mario’s eye for new ideas and his attention to detail ensure that Moda Mario’s selection of contemporary fashions for men and women is constantly refined to suit evolving tastes. Offering more than a typical clothing store experience, it has become a Fort Lauderdale institution.

But as artists do, Mario is always looking toward the next horizon, and is starting this season with a brand new location for Moda Mario at  805 East Las Olas Boulevard.

Having traveled far without straying from the principles of elegance and beauty that guide their work, Mario and Phyllis now happily continue their stylish journey, and look forward to welcoming you to their new home at 805 East Las Olas Boulevard.